Much like most of the rest of the world, at the start of every year, I have the best intentions. I'm going to get everything organized, I tell myself as I look over the abysmal mess that is my desk/workspace. I'm going to finish all the started projects .... as I once again sift through the bags filled with half done things - and then cast on a new, bright shiny project.  I am going to promote the hell out of our business on social media, getting everyone's attention. Oooh, look - a  chicken.

But, in looking back over 2017, I notice that, while I haven't fulfilled all my resolutions from last year, I'm getting better at them. I filled in about half the weeks in my planner, which is a huge leap from the year before when I only wrote in about a quarter at best. I know what each and every project in the bags are and there are only eight (well, maybe ten) which is not terrible. And people know me on Instagram and Ravelry and from our podcast - and I even interact with them ... sometimes.

Baby steps are okay, especially when they are going in the right direction. And this year, again, we're making plans. Will we get to them all? Maybe, maybe not. But we're going to try. I'm also going to work towards slowing down a bit. For Christmas, I got a book called A Book That Takes Its Time; An Unhurried Adventure in Creative Mindfulness by Irene Smit and Astrid van der Hulst.  Take time to breathe; take time to create; take time to reflect; take time to let go; TAKE TIME. I'm reading it a bit at a time and letting it sink in. Yesterday morning, as I sipped my tea (I know, who am I now???) and stitched a bit on a project for a friend, I could hear the birds on the porch having a ball. Even though it was only in the 20's (farenheit), they came to have a nosh at our feeders and they were serenading me, as if to thank me for the seeds and nuts. It was beautiful and I let myself just enjoy the (almost) quiet because it was perfect!

Mary Beth