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May 2018 inspiration will come from architecture - mainly the absolutely stunning Rose Windows that can be seen in grand cathedrals around the world. Rose windows are made of a series of smaller windows radiating out from the center like wheel spokes or flower petals. Rose windows are usually found in two locations in a church, at the west end of the nave--or the main body of the church--and at the ends of the transepts, the shorter sections of a church's floor plan that give it the shape of a shallow cross.

Join The Crafty Toads on our next yarny adventure, this time we are spending the year 2018 at the museum. Why the museum? Well, as some of you know, both Helen & Mary Beth graduated from Smith College. One of the rights of passage at Smith is surviving Art 100 (both of us nearly got asked to leave over that damn class but we "survived"). Art 100 is one of those classes that you cannot enjoy while you are taking it, but really wish you could go back and audit and just sit and enjoy and let the knowledge wash over you. In one year you learn the history of art from the beginning of time to the present (not even really joking). During the course of this year, we will choose some of our favorite works from the class and dye yarn inspired by that work. Warning - we are big fans of the impressionists!

Each month you will be able to see the inspiration ahead of time (our first month inspiration is pictured above), but the actual yarn will be a mystery until you receive it.


Pricing is as follows - with whichever option you choose, you are charged the first (and only first) month's shipping.

1 Month - $26.00 per skein (If you'd like us to bill you monthly for installments 2-12, pick the 1 month/invoice me option)
3 Months - $26.00 per skein plus $6.00 for shipping for months 2 and 3 ($84.00)
6 Months - $26.00 per skein plus $15.00 for shipping months 2-6 ($171.00)
8 Months - $26.00 per skein plus $18.00 for shipping months 2-9 ($224.00)
Each month you'll receive 100 grams of yarn (either in one hank or 5 minis) on our Drusilla Base *80/20 Superwash/Nylon*

This club has 8 months remaining and can be purchased in 1, 3 6 or 8 month installations. Yarns will ship in and around the 15th of the month. Our next shipment is May 2018. If you purchase after the first of the month, your club will begin the following month (i.e. if you purchase after 1/1, your club will begin in February). As always, if you want more than one skein of any given month, please contact us and we will invoice you accordingly.

All colors will not be available outside the club for at least 6 months after unveiling.

Our yarns are hand dyed or hand painted using professional acid dyes. We wash each skein carefully after dying but slight bleeding may occur during first wash. Skeins may vary in color slightly so if using more than one skein of yarn in a project, please alternate skeins every few rows.

Our plump 80/20 yarn is soft enough to be worn next to your skin and hardy enough to make into socks. One skein should be large enough for a pair of socks or a small shawl. Be sure to check your pattern for amount needed.

Care of yarn - superwash merino will allow you to wash your items in the washing machine but please use cold water. For best results and care, hand washing is recommended.

Sweater quantities may be available - please message us.

Sock yarn club - A Year At The Museum(s),Yarn of the month club, YOTMC,fingering weight yarn,toad hollow yarn club,hand dyed yarn


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Shipping from United States

Toad Hollow ships via USPS first class mail. We ship out of NJ, therefore shipping times will vary depending on location. Our processing time varies per item so please read the details of each item. If you need upgraded shipping or a faster processing time please convo us and we will do everything we can to accommodate.


Refunds and exchanges are handled on a case by case basis. Please convo us with any issues regarding your orders. Please contact us within 5 days of receipt of order as timing is a factor in refund decisions.

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