Toad Hollow is a culmination of the creativity of two sisters, sharing a business and loving life.

Toad Hollow is owned and operated by sisters Helen & Mary Beth. In our prior lives we both worked in office jobs, Mary Beth as a Project Manager in a construction company and Helen as CFO in a real estate development company. In 2011, we decided to follow our dream of opening a brick and mortar gift store. Leaving the soul crushing corporate world, we took the leap and opened our shop, Toad Hollow, in Red Bank, NJ. Over the years as we worked through the ups and downs of the retail industry, we both noticed our creative sides, which had been stifled behind desk jobs, bursting forth.

We started by trying our hand at a few odds and ends from ideas on Pinterest. We admit, the beginnings were quite crafty looking. But as we practiced more ideas came and we figured out how to make them a reality. We tested the market by putting some things out on the floor at Toad Hollow and got such a positive response we decided to expand our lines and open an etsy shop.

Everything in our etsy shop is made by either Helen or Mary Beth or a combination of the two. There is an eclectic mix of inventory, because we sometimes have the attention span of an ant and fly off to create something totally brand new. Come on in and enjoy the ride, we're having a blast.

We love to make custom orders so if you have an idea you would like us to try, please start a conversation with us, we'll try anything :)

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